Life after Phillips Hall

This past December I completed my undergraduate degree and received a bachelors in science with a comprehensive geology major and a minor in mathematics.  I’ve made a lot of friends in Phillips hall: I couldn’t ask for a better group of classmates and faculty. I can’t believe this is it but I know it’s the right time to move on.

During my time here I have:

  • Tutored in the math lab – thank you Dr. Swanson for keeping that place running, it’s assistance to students is enormous
  • Traveled all over the country with the geology department:  NM, AR, WI, MN, SD, WY… the best geologists have seen the most rocks.
  • Formed lasting friendships with my classmates…  blood runs thicker than water
  • Participated in incredible coastal ground penetrating radar research with Sean Morrison and Dr. Harry Jol.   Their contributions to my education are probably immeasurable.  I will always want to return to Munising MI and Pictured Rocks National Lake shore
  • Found a degree advisor that half carried me through my last year in the program so I could get the requirements needed for graduation in a timely manner.  Thank you so much Katherine Grote, the department is really gonna miss you
  • Expanded my horizons to encompass the world outside of UW-Eau Claire.  GSA in Vancouver was incredible.

Next up is hard to tell.  But I have applied for Missouri State in the Geospatial sciences in geology and geography masters program and hope to attend in the fall.  Otherwise I am open to beginning my career in earth sciences in a position that could lead me down a path to my ultimate goal of working at an environmental consulting firm.